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Trade Show Crates


Fully Tailored, Reusable Trade Show Crates and Containers

If you have items that need to be shipped regularly, Craters & Freighters Nashville provides reusable and trade show crates to protect them. We design and build these containers based on an item’s size, weight, fragility, and value, and in line with your budget. Our engineers then craft interior packaging to protect the item inside the container during shipping. We use a variety of foams to optimize cushioning and protection.

Our containers are constructed to protect the item and withstand the rigors of repeated handling and shipping. We use top-quality hardware including link locks, hinges, and locking hasps so that the crate can be easily opened and sealed without tools. We can also stencil your company’s logo on the container and apply labels and markings as needed.

The Ideal Crate for Ongoing Use

If your company attends multiple trade shows each year, a reusable crate is the way to go. Having a custom-built container eliminates the stress, time, and cost involved with figuring out packaging and crating solutions for each event.

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Advantages of Reusable Crates

  • Reduced waste with less packaging material going into landfills
  • Durable materials that can be refurbished by Craters & Freighters for ongoing use
  • Saves you money in the long term for items needing to be shipped repeatedly
  • Can include custom-made storage compartments and shelving to organize trade show collateral and electronic equipment

Trusted Crating and Shipping Services

Not only can we prepare your booth and electronic equipment for transport, we can also provide domestic and international shipping services. We offer comprehensive packaging, crating, container, and shipping solutions:

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